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On June 20th, there will be several free tutorials, available for all the attendants of the 2013 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (click on each of them for further details):

  8:00  -  10:00 10:30  -  12:30    14:00  -  16:00 16:30  -  18:30



Pietro Oliveto   Per Kristian Lehre Darrell Whitley
A gentle introduction to the time complexity analysis of evolutionary algorithms  (Part I)

A gentle introduction to the time complexity analysis of evolutionary algorithms (Part II)

  Drift Analysis of Evolutionary Computation Fast, Powerful Non-Random Search Operators: Constant Time Improving Moves and Exponentially Powerful Recombination



Alberto Moraglio Tobias Friedrich   El-Ghazali Talbi Kalyanmoy Deb
The Geometry of Evolutionary Algorithms: Unification and Theory-Laden Design Theoretical Foundations of Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization   Parallel and Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization (EMO)



Efrén Mezura-Montes Mark Wineberg   Xiaodong Li Ponnuthurai N. Suganthan
Constraint-Handling in Nature-Inspired Optimization An Introduction to Statistical Analysis of EC Experiments   Decomposition via Cooperative Coevolution for Large Scale Global Optimization Recent Advances in Population-Based Real-Parameter Optimization Algorithms



Andries Engelbrecht

Shahryar Rahnamayan
Hamid R. Tizhoosh

  Robert G. Reynolds Dipankar Dasgupta
Particle Swarm Optimization Opposition-Based Soft Computing   Cultural Algorithms: Incorporating Social Intelligence into Virtual Worlds Evolutionary Computation in Cyber Security
Room 5 Eduardo G. Carrano Nuno Horta   Michael Kampouridis Stefano Nolfi
Evolutionary Computation Applied to Power Distribution System Planning and Operation Evolutionary Computation applied to Analog IC Design Automation   An application of Genetic Programming to Financial Forecasting Evolutionary Robotics



Sorin Draghici Stephen Smith   Júan J. Merelo



Using evolutionary algorithms in the modeling and analysis of gene signaling pathways Medical Applications of Evolutionary Computation   The Art of Evolutionary Algorithm Programming  
Room 7

Simon Lucas, Julian Togelius and
Phil Hingston

  Ivan Zelinka  
Computational Intelligence and Games - Part I Computational Intelligence and Games - Part II   Mutual Relations of Evolutionary Dynamics, Deterministic Chaos and Complexity  



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